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Site Rules. UPDATED 22 April 2015 free book download

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Site Rules. UPDATED 22 April 2015

Postby FunSource » Wed Feb 29, 2012 1:10 am

General Rules:
1- Please post in right category.
2- No Spam , spammers will be banned forever by ip/username/mail.
3- Please get a decent username.
4- No porn.
5- No racism.
6- If you have to show us an article for another site, is only aloved 1 link per post and must be not concurent site.
7- If a link has been removed, don't ask for reupload. Deletion means this link wasn't in according with site policy/law and it was removed permanent by the site administrator.

Sharing rules:
1- All shared items must have just filesharing link ( recommended) for download, NOT forum/blog/sites like this one links.
2- We can remove anytime any link/post if breaking forum rules or copyright law.

*If you see rule violations, please use "report" button for topics and/or PM an admin/moderator or mail to webmaster:

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